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Produce with love! 

Welcome to

Okanagan Pasta Company

Everything started with Cansu's passion for eating pasta. Each trip we took to a different country or a city, finding fresh pasta was her number one priority.


The year 2020 proved to us, once again how important life is. Without love and passion, it is tough to enjoy life itself. During the global lockdown, we had the chance to stop and listen to ourselves. Soon we rediscovered our love for cooking again, and pasta was the favorite of all.

A small community kitchen in Kelowna, BC, paved the way for us to start building our passion slowly but surely. Old kitchen notebooks from our University years had many pasta recipes. However, they needed fine-tuning and adjusting to showcase Canadian Durum Flour and the freshest BC-farmed eggs or Canadian Spring Water.

After a few trials and errors, the dough recipe was ready. We had to find the available produce from nearby farms and make sauces to accompany our noodles.
Although this wasn't enough, we had to create an experience to share with our
community, so we came up with the Fresh Pasta Kits idea and let some friends try it.
While working on our dry pasta line. 

During our first two years, strong community support inspired us to design a new space that will offer daily fresh pasta together with many artisanal products, imported goods, and frozen meals. 

After three months of renovations here we are located at 12-1515 Westgate Road, with our dream coming true and feeding hundreds of families with affordable fresh portions of pasta and artisanal foods.

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Cansu Emir Kolburan
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